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How To Kill Wasps Youtube Wasps

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If I have them in my home, how will I know? Bed bugs like to hide where you sleep. If you find bites and suspect bed bugs, search around for them. You may not see the bugs themselves, but you might see tiny black dots (their droppings) or red smears, signs they’ve been biting you.

Once you’ve cleaned all visible bedbugs, make the area inhospitable for their friends. Place bedbug-proof covers over your mattress and box spring. Zip these covers up all the way. Bugs that are trapped inside will die, and new bugs won’t be able to get in. If these methods don’t wipe out all the bugs, you may need to try an insecticide.

Bedbugs are hardy creatures. Just when you think you’ve wiped them out, you might spot them again. You may have to try a few different treatment methods to control the infestation. And if they still don’t go away, you’ll want to call in a professional exterminator.

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